After experiencing the dreadful Summer we have just had here in Queensland, I decided that I can’t live full time in the bus without an airconditioner in the living space, so that’s what I’ve been working on this week.

The one I chose is an underbunk one. It sits on the floor. I didn’t have any space on the roof or walls for other kinds.

I had to temporarily take out the bed so I had room to cut the holes in the floor and put the aircon unit in.

Once I had installed the aircon,  I rebuilt the bed. In order to gain more storage space, I raised the height of the bed almost 200mm.
The dark wood on the left is a slideout shelf for my big guillotine. I used heavy duty locking drawer slides (rated to support 227kg) as the guillotine itself weighs 50kg and then I will be pushing extra force down onto it when I use it to cut paper. The slides are really only as good as the screws holding them in so I’m not sure how it will go over time, but it’s the best I can do for now.
I put some extra shelves in and made a cover for the end of the aircon unit so that I can store things next to and above it but still keep the required clearance around it for airflow.

Ironically, after months of stinking hot, hunid days, when I finally had my aircon installed and was ready to do a proper test, the weather finally cooled. 

I think  I will now probably have to wait until next Summer to see just how long I can power the aircon for when off grid, but early tests seem very positive. I think I will have no problems running it during the day if the sky is clear, or even for several hours on a cloudy day.

I’ll have to do another post with a full review when the weather warms up again (which I am not in any hurry for!)