The next big jobs I want to get dome on the bus involve taking out windows and cutting holes in the roof.

Because the bus is booked in to have the windscreen rust and driver’s door repaired in a couple of weeks, I want to hold off starting those big jobs for now.

In the meantime, I’m ticking off a couple of smaller jobs. One of which, is to remove the automatic door opener.

It sits in the stairwell, and is quite heavy. I leave it set to manual and never use it, so it’s taking up valuable space and weight that could be used for other more essential things.

Removing it is not just a matter of unbolting it from the bus. I also had to be careful to disconnect the wires in the correct way to ensure that the door open alarm wasn’t permanently stuck in the on position!

I mamaged to successfully remove the door opener and the sensor connections from the side entrance door.  However the rear emergency exit door proved far more challenging!