I made some more good progress this week and built the table.

I wanted a big table so I could use the space to work on my books and jewellery etc, and have room for sewing machine, printer and other things.

Originally, I was going to have the table hinged and able to flip up against the window. This is because I need it out of the way when I want to extend the bed out at night, and I am also putting something under the table that I need access to.

But I realised if I hinged the table this way, it would block the view when up, so I decided instead to have the whole top removable and just used some latches to hold it in place while I’m driving.

The table is made from pine so is very lightweight and easy to lift on and off.

The three studs you can see on the wall under the table are for support brackets that will hold up the thing under the table when I build that later. This will all be trimmed and painted later when it’s finished.