It has been so long since I’ve been able to post any updates on the bus project. My elbow tendonitis continued to trouble me and I ended up having to get a cortisone injection and take time off to let it heal.

It still isn’t 100% but it is certainly better and I have been able to get back to working on the bus.

Last week, I finally managed, with Dad’s help, to get all the windows back in the bus!

sealing the plywood floor

Getting the windows in was the easy part. It then took me an entire day to clean up all the excess mastic that oozed out around the edges when I clamped the windows back in place. Such a messy, tedious job.

I finally had the chance to test the windows for leaks this past weekend and am very pleased to report that they are watertight! Still shaking my head wondering how I managed to get all 7 back in with no issues.

Sadly, though, in the process of testing the windows, I discovered that the taillight I replaced was NOT at all watertight and was in fact leaking lots of water. I tried taking it off and refitting but it made no difference. It feels as though there is a slight dent in the body of the bus where the water was getting in which probably means the light casing is not sitting perfectly as it should there. So I ended up just putting a heap of sika sealant all around the edge, and when I tested it again there was not a drop getting in!

So now I can fairly confidently say that my windows and the taillights are watertight. :)

windscreen rust

Now I just need to sort out the roof. There is at least one leak that I know of, but I’m about to cut large holes to instal a couple of fans as well, so will be sealing everything up after that.
Just today I finally came up with a solution to the challenge of fitting all the things I want on the roof, and now I’m excited to start cutting holes up there LOL.

But before I do any of that, I am getting the windscreen rust and driver’s door fixed, and all the windows tinted. Bus is booked in for all that on 1st November so will be a few weeks before I can move onto the next job.