Next stage in my electrical install was to start running all of the cables.

I’m doing my conversion a little differently from most people. Instead of running the electrical cables early in the build, before doing insulation and wall linings, I have left mine until the end.

The reason for this is that I didn’t want any of myu cables hidden behind walls that I would not be able to access. I wanted to be able to see and check on things periodically. So almost all of my cables will be run inside cabinets instead. Where they do need to run inside walls, I have made sure I can easily remove the cladding in those areas if I want to access the wiring.

In this video, I run all of the CMS 240v cables between the power points.

You can read more about the CMS system here:

Keep in mind that even though it is a very simple DIY system, it is 240v and you still need a licensed electrician to check it all and sign off on the installation.