Well this was certainly a gargantuan job!
It took me several weeks to paint the bus roof. It was slow going because I couldn’t start painting until around 11am each day, as I had to wait for the morning dew to fully evaporate from the roof, and you need to allow 6 hours between coats of the Thermoshield. So this meant I could only paint one coat per day.

I managed to get three coats done and then had to take a break because we had several days of rainy weather.

But I finally managed to get it done – a total of 5 coats of the Thermoshield and 2 coats of clear glaze on top.

It’s not perfect – I was painting outside in the elements, so there are lots of little bugs and bits of dust stuck to the paint, but it still looks pretty good and I’m happy with it.

I am using the Thermoshield purely for its heat reflecting function, rather than aesthetics. And most of the roof will be covered in solar panels so you will hardly see the paint.

I sure am glad to be able to cross this job off my list and get back to building the inside of the bus!

This is what the roof looked like after the Penetrol. The red tinge is where I used old Penetrol left over from when I painted the sub floor frame. I think it was contaminated with some paint or something. The clear side is where I used a fresh tin.
I did test patches of the Thermoshield paint on both sections, and it stuck well so I think the old Penetrol will do the job just fine.