This week I started the mammoth task of painting the bus roof.

I will be painting it with Thermoshield paint which is a heat reflecting paint. I used it on my first bus and it works really well to reflect heat from the roof and keep the inside temperature cooler.

Before I started the painting, I gave the roof a really good clean, which involved several hours of hand scrubbing.
Then I painted the entire roof with Penetrol. I was originally just going to paint the Penetrol over the few small rust spots, but because I had to scrub the roof so hard to get the grime off, it scratched it a bit so I decided to do the penetrol over the whole lot to help protect against future rust.

This is what the roof looked like after the Penetrol. The red tinge is where I used old Penetrol left over from when I painted the sub floor frame. I think it was contaminated with some paint or something. The clear side is where I used a fresh tin.
Hopefully the old Penetrol will work just the same.

Because the Penetrol is oil-based and Thermoshield is water-based, I need to wait at least two weeks for the Penetrol to fully cure before painting on top of it.