It’s been over three weeks since I last had the chance to work on the bus, but I was finally able to do a little bit more this week, and I finished off the laundry area cabinet.
You can see where the laundry area is in the photo below. It is right at the back of the bus inside the rear door on the passenger side.
I installed the washing machine a few months ago and I was originally just going to have drying racks in the space above the washing machine to use when making my books and also for hanging clothes. But I have decided instead to use the space for clothes storage so I can free up other cabinets at the front of the bus for other things.

This week I built some enclosed cabinets into the space.

It looks a little odd because most of it was an afterthought LOL.


The upper cabinet was already there. All my electrical cables run inside this one but there is still plenty of room for underwear and socks.
Underneath that I built an enclosed cabinet with two shelves. The power point for the washing machine is now inside this cabinet.
And below that, a fake drawer which is really just a pull out shelf with a big plastic tub on it. I did it this way so the whole thing can easily be pulled out when I want to use the washing machine. Beside the washing machine is a narrow space for hanging clothes.
It looks a little rough but I’m happy with it and it is a much better use for the space.
I still need to finish off the trim on the left where it meets the back wall of the bus. Oh and I need to add a handle to the fake drawer. I ran out of those so need to get to Bunnings before I can finish that.