Not only do I now have running water in the bus, but I also have HOT running water!

This week I installed an electric hot water system.

The one I chose is the Aqueous RV heater. It is identical to the Duoetto, which a lot of people are familiar with, but the difference is the Duoetto runs on both 12v and 240v, whereas the Aqueous uses only 240v power.

I decided that I would probably never use the 12v input, since I have plenty of battery and solar capacicty, and an inverter that can easily handle 240v appliances, and heating the water using 240v is quicker than 12v. The aqueous was a little cheaper to purchase than the Duoetto and easier to install because it doesn’t require any 12v wiring, so it made sense for me to just go with that one.

Installing my heater was a little tricky, simply because of where I located it and the limited space I had under the sink, but otherwise, doing the actual plumbing connections was fairly straightforward.

First test run went very well. I let it run for 15 minutes before turning on the tap, and the water that came out was super hot!