I bought this fridge when I had my first bus but I love it so much I was determined to get it in the coaster. I pretty much designed my layout to be able to fit this fridge in, and be able to take it out if I need to.
It’s an LG 310L fridge with a massive freezer, which is important for me because I like to cook from scratch and be able to store things in bulk to save money and I didn’t want to give that up when I move into the bus. It’s energy efficient (uses less power than some RV fridges) and a third the price of an RV one.
Because it has a reversible door, it has a bunch of spare threaded holes which I was able to use to secure it to the wall frame, without damaging the fridge.
And here’s to not throwing ANYTHING away until you’re done with the build – I made the “handle” for my door stop using a couple of angle brackets that were originally holding up the interior lining of my coaster. I knew they would come in handy for something 😄

I drove my bus to work on the weekend and was very pleased to see that the fridge did not move at all. Let’s hope it stays just as secure when I’m driving on the rough outback roads!