This was one of those jobs I’d been putting off for a while because it involved cutting a hole in gthe side of the bus which always makes me very nervous, but I finally got around to doing it this week.

This plug will allow me to plug the bus into mains power when at a campground that has power available. It’s a 15A inlet and comes already pre wired to work with the CMS system of cables and power points that I’ll be using throughout my bus.

You can read more about the CMS system here:

Keep in mind that even though it is a very simple DIY system, it is 240v and you still need a licensed electrician to check it all and sign off on the installation.

using a template to mark the hole
cutting the hole with a jigsaw
painting the edges with Penetrol to prevent rust
making a backing support
drilling pilot holes for the screws
screwing in the inlet<br />
inlet installed
installed inlet<br />