The next job on the list for the bus was to start connecting the grey water system.

I’m taking the bus on her first BIG road trip in a couple of weeks, all the way to Airlie Beach (1300km!) to see my electrical guru and get my solar and 240v system installed.  I wanted to have at least one of my sinks connected to the grey water tank for the trip. Even though I don’t have taps or running water installed yet, having the sink connected to the grey tank at least would allow me to run water from my camping container so I could bursh my teeth and do dishes etc on the road.

I decided to install both sinks now since the wastes from those needed to join together before draining into the grey tank.

Getting the corrugated sullage hose onto the fittings proved to be a real challenge, but in the end, it all worked out and so far, there are no leaks!