The last big plumbing job to be done was to install the toilet.

Not that there is any actual plumbing to be done with this one!

I am using a Natureshead compost toilet in my bus, primarily because it uses no water or nasty chemicals, and I don’t have to deal with dump points and handling raw sewerage.

I installed my toilet at the very back of the bus and I built a slide out platform for it, so it can live under the vanity and be puled out when needed.

I haven’t fully set it up yet, but I already know it works because I actually used it in my house for a few months when I had an issue with my septic tank, and it worked very well. In the house, I just had it sitting on the floor in my bathroom. There was no power connected to it, but even without the fan running, there was no unpleasant smell. So I’m confident it will be just fine in the bus.


The video below shows how I built the slideout for the toilet and how I connected up the air vent.

After I published the video, I discovered that the reason the fan was so noisy was because I had overtightened the housing. Simply easing back on the screws immediately stopped the noise and now the fan runs very quietly, so I am happy.