This week I built the framing for the walls that will form my pantry, wardrobe, fridge space and electrical bay.

This was by far the most frustrating job in the whole build!
Trying to build square walls in a space that is not square was a nightmare!

You would not think it has taken me almost 6 days just to build these.
But I got there in the end, and while I am still not happy that it isn’t totally square, they are at least parallel so I should be able to fit doors etc, and they look straight when you stand at one end of the bus.

At this point, I am calling it good enough!



This is the driver side where my fridge will go.  The narrow space next to this is the wardrobe:


On the passenger side directly opposite is the space where all my electrical components such as batteries, inverter, solar charger etc, will be installed. The narrow space on this side will be a pantry cabinet: