While waiting for the Penetrol to cure on the bus roof, I decided to finish off Pepper’s bed in the cab area. I drilled a bunch of holes in the plywood base for ventilation and I painted it with two coats of an anti-mould primer on either side, and then one coat of grey using up what was left of the paint I used to paint the side wall in the driver’s cab. I bought a single bed size foam mattress from Ikea and cut it to fit the base. A colleague of mine at the museum does upholstery and very kindly covered the mattress pieces for me. He just used scraps of upholstery fabric that he had already and he did an amazing job. I put an old doona cover over the cushions (just happens to match the grey in the cab) to keep the dirt off them. I have two of these covers the same, so will be able to use one while the other is being washed. Pepper loves her bed. At least she does for now, while the bus is stationary. My next challenge will be to get her used to being hooked up to the seatbelt here and then to get comfortable with driving without being sick.