The next thing I want to build in the bus is my table, but before I can do that, I needed to build a little wall in the entry that it will attach to, so this week I have been working on the entry stairwell area.

I hadn’t done anything with the step since buying the bus, so it needed a good clean. It had a little bit of surface rust so I treated that with Penetrol and then painted it with Rust Guard paint.

I boxed in part of the stairwell to cover awkward brackets and holes that were there and then built a shelf unit that can hold things like sunscreen, insect repellant and whatever else I decide I need easy access to from outside.

Eventually I will add a couple of hooks to the front for hanging Pepper’s harness and lead.

On the other side of the step, I added a bit to the wall that will be behind the passenger seat, so I could mount one of my fire extinguishers there.

These are only small additions but I’m pleased with them because I have stained the timber and it gives me a sense of what the rest of the bus will look like when it is finished. I’m enjoying the rustic look very much.

The entry step before:


And after:

The shelf unit was a huge design challenge because I had to allow for the door arms which turn in as the door closes.

Ignore the green masking tape – it is marking where I have studs in the shelves so I know where to screw my table support in when I come to do that.