This week I gave the floor a thorough clean and washed off all the dirt that was caked onto the floor frame.

Before cleaning
after cleaning

I also pulled the driver seat out temporarily so I could remove the old, very worn vinyl that was covering the floor in the cab area, and clean underneath.

Not only did I find a mountain of dirt and dust underneath the seat, but I also uncovered some pencils, a plastic square, $7.80 worth of change and a Michael Jackson CD!

treasures under the driver seat

Driver’s area floor with original vinyl still in place:

driver area before vinyl removed

After vinyl was removed:

driver area after vinyl removed

After cleaning:

driver area after cleaning

It was all so filthy and took many hours but I’m pleased with the result. Now with all the dirt gone, I can clearly see the rust that needs to be treated in the frame. There is actually quite a bit of it, but thankfully, it is all just minor surface rust.

The next job will be to treat the rust and paint the frame. Then I can lay the new floor!