More work in the back of the bus this week. This time, I am starting on the laundry area.
Like the bathroom vanity section, this corner of the bus has a lot of weird angles and curves and it took me a couple of days just to get the wall cladding on.
My washing machine will go here.
I already had a big Camec 4kg RV washing machine that I bought when I had the big bus, and I struggled for ages to try to fit it in the coaster but in the end, I had to admit defeat. I decided instead to buy a smaller caravan washing machine which will easily fit in the space and be a lot easier to move when I need to.
Using a wrench to install the breather hose outlet on the water tank
My plan for this space is to have some space for hanging clothes beside the washing machine, leaving the area in front of the taillights open so I can access them if I need to.
breather hose outlet fitted

Above the washing machine I will have some drying racks. I need these when I am drying my book covers and other things I make for my handmade business ( but they can also double as clothes drying racks as well.
And at the very top will be an overhead cabinet.

This section will have quite a few power cables running through it, from the electrical bay around to the opposite side of the bus so I needed to allow space for these too.

using jack to lift water tank into position
I’m pretty happy with what I have done so far. I need to wait now until all the electrical is installed before finishing off this area.