It’s no secret that I am trying to fit a lot into this bus!
And this week, I managed to fit in a piano!
It may seem like a crazy indulgence to have a piano in a motorhome, but this bus will be my full time home and there were some things I really didn’t want to sacrifce.
Obviously I could not fit my full size upright acoustic piano in such a tiny space, so instead, I bought a digital one!
At first I wasn’t sure about playing a digital piano, but this one is pressure sensitive, so the keys behave like real acoustic piano keys and it just sounds beautiful. 
Best of all, it only weighs 15kg so it’s not going to add too much extra weight on top of what I’m already building in to the bus.

This piano is the whole reason why I originally built such a long table in my bus. I designed the space so that the piano would fit underneath the table, which can easily be removed.

I originally wanted the table top to hinge upwards, but there wasn;t enough depth to work with in front of the window. I could have hinged the table, but I would have nowhere to rest my sheet music.

So I just kept the table top free. It sits on the support brackets and has latch bolts to secure it in place when I’m driving. 



I also built another small cabinet under the piano shelf. Trying to use every available space for extra storage.
There is still enough room for me to sit comfortably at the piano and use the foot pedal too. 
Underneath this cabinet is the access hatch for my starter batteries so I needed to make sure I still had access to this.
Currently the cabinet has a pullout drawer base as I was going to store my book press here. But it weighs 35kg and takes up a lot of space so I don’t think I can justify keeping it and will find an alternative option for pressing my work. At some point soon I will remove the drawer and just keep a storage tub there. This will makje accessing the batteries much easier.
I also built a little drawer that sits on the top of the cabinet to fill in the little bit of space I had left in front of the piano. Making use of every available space!