FINALLY!  After months and months of spending poretty much every waking moment thinking about different layout ideas for my bus and agonising iver how I was going to fit everything in, I have finally decided on the interior layout plan.

I’m sure there will still be a few tweaks and little changes as I come up with new ideas to maximise my storage and how best to utilise the space, but this basic layout will remain the same.

My layout will be a little different from most that you see in buses and vans this size, and it won’t suit everyone.

But I’m not building my bus home to suit everyone. I’m building it to suit me. That is the best part about self-converting a bus. You get to make it exactly how YOU want it.

Toyota Coaster layout plan

Check out my video to see my 3D mockup and walkthrough of how I plan to build things on the inside.