Sphere 3.3kg caravan washing machine

Sphere 3.3kg Washing Machine

I chose to go with a top loading machine. On the face of it, these machines use a lot more water compared to a front loader, but the benefit of using a top loader is that it is possible to recycle the water you use and therefore use a lot less water overall. You can fill it up from any water source using a bucket, so don’t necessarily have to waste the good quality water in your tanks. You can wash one load without draining the water, and then wash a second load before emptying to rinse with clean water. You can even just set it for a spin cycle, without needing to go through a rinse first, something I can’t do on my front loader in the house. So if water is limited, I can wash small things by hand, and then just put them in the machine to spin dry.

This particular machine is a Sphere 3.3kg. I did a lot of research before I bought it and this brand had a tonne of great reviews among caravan and motorhome owners

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