Maxxair Deluxe roof fan with rain dome

Maxxair Deluxe Roof Fans

The Maxxair Deluxe fans are considered to be the Rolls Royce of RV roof fans.

They are not cheap but they work extremely well and have been around a long time.

Mine have been running most days since I installed them in February 2022, and I’ve had no issues with them.

The ones I installed have a rain dome on top which means they can be open and running even when it is raining which is great for maintaining good ventilation inside the bus, especially if your coaster doesn’t have an awning and opening the side windows lets the rain in.

The maxxair fans can be set to either pull air in or push air out, so if you install two and set one to each mode, you get a good flow of air throughout the bus, even with all the windows shut.

I purchased the ones with the remote but they can also be operated manually.

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