Aqueous RV 240v water heater

240v Water Heater

I chose to go with an electric hot water heater in my bus because I didn’t want any gas onboard, and I have plenty of battery capacity to be able to run an electrical heater.

The one I installed is the Aqueous RV MkII water heater. It runs on 240v. It has a sister model called the Duoetto which is slightly more expensive and can run on both 240v and 12v. Heating time is much faster on the 240v version and because my electrical system can easily handle 240v I knew I probably would never use the 12v function so I went with the Aqueous.

This water heater has a capacity of 10L, so it is not huge, but is plenty big enough for my needs.

Installation was super easy (there are videos on Youtube to help if you are not sure) and it works very well, producing piping hot water in just 10-15 minutes.

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