So after having to postpone the trip to Airlie Beach to see my electrician because I had to rebuild my roof racks, I finally set off on the bus’s first big road trip this week. 

I have to admit I was a bit stressed. I had been super busy trying to get all the jobs finished in the lead-up to the trip, and then I ended up with a bout of flu just before I was due to leave which knocked me round a bit. Then I was worried about how the bus would go on such a long drive.

After driving for two days, the bus had been running perfectly and I was just starting to relax, when it all went pear shaped.

The bus broke down on the final day, just 100km from my intended destination. I did manage to get the bus to Airlie Beach, but instead of this being a relatively quick trip up and back, I am now going to be stuck here for at least a week waiting for repairs.