Some very exciting progress made on the bus this week – I got the new floor installed!

This was a big job because the steel sheet and large pieces of plywood were very heavy and difficult to manoeuvre into the bus. But thankfully, I had my Dad to provide an extra set of muscles, and we managed to get it all in in just a couple of days.

laying steel sheets
steel finished

It then took me another couple of days to get it all screwed down. Most of the steel was fairly easy to drill through, but there were a few sections that were much tougher and it was hard work getting those screws in, even with pre-drilling!

The end result was worth the effort though. The plywood sheets fit perfectly and it’s all sitting nice and flat.

screwing in floor
plywood in

You’ll notice I haven’t yet finished the section at the front of the bus. That is because I have a special project planned for the front step, and I need to finish this before I can measure and cut the final piece of plywood.

I’m very pleased to have got this much done however – it feels wonderful to be finally making progress and actually putting stuff INTO the bus instead of ripping things out 🙂